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Safety is our new luxury here at Essentials! Please review the information below to help ease your mind in the check in process!

Your needs come first at Essentials. We no longer require our clients or staff to wear masks, however we want to ensure that you have a choice. If you would prefer your service provider to wear a mask during your appointment, please just ask them.

When you arrive at Essentials, please do not exit your car and come to the door. Please call the main salon number at (215)491-4455 to let us know you are here. When your service provider is ready for you, we will let you know that you can come in! 

We will be asking you to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire before you enter the building. You can fill that out online prior to your appointment if you choose. Click here to fill it out ahead of time! We will also be doing temperature checks at the door for all staff members and our guests.

Masks that cover your face and nose are required in order to come into the building. Once you enter, you will be directed to our hand sanitizer station, where you and your service provider will sanitize your hands. Please do not wear your own gloves into the building. If wearing gloves make you feel more at ease, we will provide you with a pair once you have washed your hands at the sanitation station.

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